Alcohol Health Benefits or Health Risks?

Alcohol Health Benefits or Health Risks?
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Health February 5, 2024

Alcohol is a popular beverage choice amongst people of ages across the world. With such popularity, a question arises does alcohol has health benefits, or is it outweighed by health risks?

Getting a better understanding of the benefits and risks objectively can help us make better health decisions.

Whether you are having a glass of wine or a bottle of beer, moderation is the key. An excessive amount of anything is unhealthy. When alcohol is consumed in moderate amounts, it can serve to bring in health benefits. Some of those interesting benefits are:

Reducing the incidence of diabetes
Alcohol has shown to reduce the risk of diabetes in people. The exact cause behind this is still being studied through clinical trials and research.

Reducing heart-related diseases
Some studies have also shown that people who consume a moderate amount of alcohol had lower incidences of heart-related diseases.

Reducing Ischemic Stroke
Due to the vascular effects of alcohol on your body, it has the ability to reduce the possibility of Ischemic stroke.

Reduced stress levels
Alcohol also has relaxing effects reducing the production of stress hormones and increase dopamine activity moderately. Thus, it can reduce stress.
Hence, these were some of the ways alcohol can benefit a person. However, on the flip side, there are also some disadvantages of alcohol that one must be aware of.

Liver damage
Alcohol can damage the liver in the long term and impair the functioning permanently. Especially, when you drink a large amount in a short time without proper food or water.

Excessive alcohol consumption, liver, throat, or esophagus cancer can be a real risk.

Weakened immunity
Alcohol can impair immunity functioning causing you to become susceptible to even the most minor health concerns.

High blood pressure
Excessive or prolonged use of alcohol leads to increased high blood pressure. This in turn can lead to heart risks.

Memory risks
Alcohol can severely cause damages in the hippocampus region of your brain. This means you often find yourself having memory gaps which increase with age. This can put you directly at risk of major memory-related disorders.

Thus, alcohol is a substance that damages the body in the long run especially with regular drinking or excessive drinking. While there are some benefits to it, the risks outweigh the benefits, and hence exercising caution while drinking is the best way to be healthy and safe.