Best Ethical Fashion Brands

Best Ethical Fashion Brands
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Fashion March 11, 2024

Are you interested in buying fashionable clothing items but want to do it in a sustainable manner? If this is a major thought process behind your shopping then you would know how difficult it is to actually find great clothes at brands that are Sustainable. Ethical fashion is a relatively new concept that has been coming into light in the last decade hence businesses are slow turn to this.

This is why we have made a list of the best ethical fashion brands for you to choose from!

Alternative apparel

This brand manufactures casual clothes such as tees and hoodies with recycled fabrics or organic cotton. This is the perfect ethical brand to turn to for your casual outfits. They are available for women, men and even kids!

Eilen Fisher

While this is at the higher end market, it definitely has fashionable pieces to choose from which are also produced sustainably.

Furthermore, they also buy back and resell their own clothing items.

They examine their pieces from an all-round approach, meaning, they try to ensure sustainability from the fabric sourcing till the end of its life cycle.

Hence, their process is stable and reliable with lots of planning and efforts behind ensuring ethical use.


If you want accessories from ethical brands then this is for you! Again, it is on the pricey side but the choices you get are fashionable.

They are Sustainable primarily because they choose manufacturing locations closer to areas with the raw materials.


Verloop is another brand that specializes in ethical accessories such as bags. They make them through scrap fabrics hence they come in unique, new and fun patterns and styles.


If you are looking for an affordable option then this is for you.

They are GOTS certified and they produce all staple and basic clothes that you need to your wardrobe. They are also for women, men and kids. Hence you can take your whole family with you for shopping and get great items that are made sustainably!


Boden is a British based brand that offers clothes for women, men and children. They have been around since the past 2 decades and have a great selection of items with clothes and accessories both! They are also affordable and perfect one stop-shop for everyone looking for ethical fashion items.

Finally, a special mention to brands like H&M and Ralph Lauren who have opened up a line of ethical fashion outfits too that you can check out.

This was our list of the best ethical fashion brands to shop from. Now you can protect the environment while shopping!