Coping with Stress and its Effects on your Health

Coping with Stress and its Effects on your Health
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Health March 6, 2024

Stress has almost become an inescapable part of our fast-paced life. Whether the stress is minor or major, either way, it has an effect on our mind and body.

When we experience stress, our body produces stress hormones such as adrenaline, this is effective for performance in the short term but if it continues for a long time then it causes wear and tear of the body. For example, higher blood pressure, irregular breathing patterns, heart problems, skin issues, and lethargy. Moreover, once the stress is unbridled, it affects every part of one's life. This is inclusive of mental health, happiness, productivity, concentration, health, sleep, energy, and eating habits. Thus, severely reducing the quality of life.

Stress can be identified as a root cause of major health problems, hence, we must allow ourselves to respond to stressors in a healthy manner. Coping with stress is an art of lifestyle that we must understand for a healthy mind and body.

How to cope with stress?

Some effective methods recommend by psychologists and experts to cope with stress are:

Diaphragmatic breathing

In this technique, you breathe from your abdomen, thus allowing your body to deep breathe. Our body is used to short breaths, hence we need to consciously focus on deep breathing for relaxing your body. This is because when you engage in diaphragmatic breathing, it signals to your brain that you are relaxed and there is no cause of stress.


Almost every business tycoon and leader performs meditation to cope with a stressful lifestyle. Hence, you can meditate for 10 minutes or more every day to enjoy the benefits.

Journal writing

Journal writing especially before sleeping is a fulfilling activity. It helps you by allowing you to express your thoughts in a safe manner and thereby slow down your racing thoughts. This reduces stress and relaxes your mind and body.


Exercise releases endorphins that boots your happiness level and subsequently reduces any anxieties or stress. Engaging in high-performing workouts such as cycling, aerobic training, swimming, and dancing are excellent ways to enjoy while reducing your stress. Incorporate this habit into your daily routine by exercising a minimum of 20 minutes every day.

Engaging in a hobby

A hobby that you are passionate about is the best way to beat stress. Engaging in a hobby at least once a week can help you lead a balanced life.

Stress is a root cause of many health issues, hence, dealing with it is important to avoid health problems. The approaches elaborated in this article focuses on allowing your body to breathe properly and slow your racing thoughts. Incorporating these healthy practices into your daily life will help you cope with stress and live a relaxed lifestyle.