Fashion Sunglasses for Round Faces

Fashion Sunglasses for Round Faces
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Fashion May 25, 2023

Choosing the right sunglasses could always be a hit or a miss. Often we focus on the sunglasses that are in trend rather than focusing on whether it is the right sunglass for us.

One important way of choosing your holy grail sunglasses is through trying on the right frames for your face shape. This is the golden rule of choosing the best sunglasses and once you can figure out the right frames for your face type, then you have the freedom to choose from a range of colours, designs or patterns for your Eyewear. If you select a sunglass that does not complement your face type, it would only clash with your look and it would look unsettled.

Pro tip: You select a sunglass frame that is in contrast to your face structure. So, square face structures can be paired with round sunglasses.

When we are saying round face, think along the lines of face structures of Beyonce or Selena Gomez.


Your first ideal type of sunglass would be rectangle or wayfarer sunglasses. They will add a contrast to your face structure and will give a more slimming effect to your face.

They are a classic style and are perfect for a casual summer day-out.

Cat eye

For an uplifting effect on your face, choose a chic, cat-eye sunglasses. They will perfectly suit your face and can be a perfect addition to your collection.

This is going to pair well with classy or formal outfits!


While aviators are not adding sharp shapes to your face, it can add dimensions.

Especially, when you go for lighter shade aviators they can definitely be a perfect match as they will look delicate on your face.

This is your go-to shades for a cool look outfit!

Oversized sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses are dramatic, stylish and can hide any undereye bags easily!

They will frame any face types and can look super cool with any outfit. With oversized glasses you have the option to select your desired frame that were mentioned above. This includes oversized cat eye sunglasses or oversized rectangular sunglasses. All of them are equally an ideal match for round face types!

These were the top four perfect sunglass types for your face structures! You can choose any one amongst them or add them all to your collection! They are all in style, trendy and effortlessly perfect for round face types. It will definitely be worth your money so go ahead and splurge on your holy grail sunglasses.