Mica is a naturally occurring mineral known for its shimmering and light-reflecting properties, often used in cosmetics and skincare products to add a subtle glow. It is commonly found in makeup products such as eyeshadows, highlighters, and powders, providing a radiant and luminous finish to the skin. Mica is also used as a bulking agent in formulations, contributing to the smooth texture and blendability of the products.

More about Mica

Mica is a group of silicate minerals that are widely used in the cosmetics industry for their reflective and refractive properties. It is a common ingredient in makeup products due to its ability to create a radiant and glowing effect on the skin. Mica is often added to eyeshadows, highlighters, and other cosmetic formulations to impart a luminous finish.

When used in skincare products, mica can contribute to a subtle shimmer and luminosity, giving the skin a healthy and radiant appearance. It is often utilized in illuminating primers, moisturizers, and body lotions to create a soft, lit-from-within glow.

Aside from its aesthetic benefits, mica also serves as a bulking agent in cosmetic formulations, helping to improve the texture and blendability of the products. Due to its lightweight and fine particle size, mica contributes to the smooth application and seamless blending of makeup and skincare items.

It's important to note that the sourcing and ethical considerations of mica have gained attention in recent years, with efforts to ensure responsible and sustainable practices in its extraction and production.