Papules are small, raised, and firm bumps that appear on the skin. They are usually less than 1 centimeter in diameter and can be pink, red, or flesh-colored. Papules are often a result of inflammation or clogged pores, and they can be a common symptom of acne or other skin conditions.

More about Papules

Papules are a type of acne lesion that develops when the walls surrounding your pores break down from severe inflammation. More information:

  • Papules are one of the typical signs of acne vulgaris, often occurring in clusters on the face, chest, or back.
  • Unlike whiteheads or blackheads, papules do not contain pus and should not be squeezed or popped, as this can lead to scarring and infection.
  • Treatments for papules may include topical medications, such as retinoids or benzoyl peroxide, as well as professional interventions like chemical peels or laser therapy.