Triclocarban is an antibacterial agent commonly found in personal care products such as soaps and body washes. It is similar to triclosan and is used for its antimicrobial properties. Triclocarban has been a subject of debate due to potential environmental and health concerns.

More about Triclocarban

Triclocarban, a chemical compound with antibacterial properties, is often utilized in personal care products to prevent the growth of bacteria. However, its long-term impact on human health and the environment has raised concerns.

Studies have shown that triclocarban may contribute to antibiotic resistance and disrupt hormone regulation in the body. Additionally, it can persist in the environment and has been detected in water sources, leading to potential ecological harm.

Regulatory agencies have been evaluating the safety of triclocarban, and some jurisdictions have restricted its use in certain products. Consumers are advised to be mindful of its presence in skincare items and consider alternatives to minimize potential risks.