Proven Skincare Ingredients that you Must Use!

Proven Skincare Ingredients that you Must Use!
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Skincare January 19, 2023

Getting a list of the proven skincare ingredients can help you make more informed choices while building your skincare routine.

These are the proven skincare ingredients according to the latest research and recommendations:

Vitamin A

The most potent and proven skincare ingredient that is recommended by every dermatologist is Vitamin A. It is also known as retinoid or Retinol, which re different derivatives of the same ingredient.

Vitamin A has been proven to promote faster skin regeneration and skin healing. It works by going deep into your pores and cleansing from the root. This helps in refining your pores, clearing your acne, clearing acne marks, and keeping your overall skin health.

The side effect of vitamin a is that it does dry and irritate your skin but over time your skin gets used to it. The amount that you must apply on your skin must be determined by your dermatologist.


If you are looking for a proven skincare ingredient for chemical exfoliation, then Aha or glycolic acid is your answer. It promotes faster skin renewal and makes your skin radiant.

Aha is perfect for those who are looking to remove the bumps on the skin, treat acne marks, or remove hyperpigmentation. It brings an even-toned appearance to your skin. Go for products with 5-7% glycolic acid.


If you are looking for a more potent ingredient that is also a chemical exfoliant but helps in reducing acne and blackheads, then BHA is your match!

BHA also is known as Salicylic acid is perfect to zap your acne and keep your skin smooth. Go for products with 2% salicylic acid.

Kojic acid

Perhaps acne or blackheads are not your concern. Rather, you are looking for even skin tone, tan removal, or hyperpigmentation treatment. For these concerns, you must incorporate Kojic Acid in your skincare routine.

It will instantly brighten the target area and keep your skin healthy and glowing. You can use kojic acid creams or kojic acid soaps.

Azelaic acid

Another magical proven skincare ingredient for the overall health of your skin is Azelaic acid.

It will treat your acne, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and even lighten acne marks or dark spots. Furthermore, it will clear textured skin in a soothing and calming manner.

It is a gentle and effective ingredient to add to your skincare routine. You can apply Azelaic acid creams after toning and cleansing.

Thus, these were the most effective and proven skincare ingredients that you must use! All these ingredients are backed by the latest researches and recommended as treatments by dermatologists globally. Incorporating all or selected few of these ingredients in your skincare routine in the form of cleansers, toners or creams will help you achieve the most beautiful and healthy skin.