The Perfect Lipstick Color for You

The Perfect Lipstick Color for You
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Cosmetics October 21, 2022

Who knew selecting a lipstick color can be so difficult and confusing?

With hundreds of shade variations and lipstick brands, the options presented to you can be many but choosing the one that is perfect for you can take some time.

We all want the perfect pout and feel powerful as soon as we swipe the lipstick on our lips. For this reason, read onto know more about finding the perfect lipstick color for you!

1 Select your shade broadly

Try out all broad lipstick shades, such as red, pink, neons, orange, and plum. Now you can observe which ones suit you the most and which one stands out oddly. This will help you determine whether certain colors age you or whether they look perfect on you.

This might take a little trial and error but it's worth the wait. Moreover, you can ask for recommendations from your friends as well.

2 Match your undertones with lipstick shades

After selecting a broad color category, you can now begin to narrow down your choices by determining your undertone and then choosing the lipstick based on that.

If you have warm undertones, as in, green veins, then warmer colors will look good on you. Alternatively, if you have cool undertones, as in, blue veins, then cooler shades will flatter you. If you are a mix of both then all shades will be perfect for you.

So, if you are choosing red as a warm-toned person then you go for blood-red or orangey-red. If you are choosing red as a cool-toned person then go for more pink-based red.

3 Select the premium quality

After determining the most flattering color for you, the next step is to purchase the lipstick of the highest quality.

It is better to invest in a slightly pricey lipstick but it is worth the quality, staying power, and texture.

4 Mix and match shades

You can always mix and match shades to get your ideal color. You can get creative as you want and find perfect shades of lipstick.

5 Lipstick type

You can choose the lipstick types from a liquid lipstick, matte, or soft-matte lipstick. This can affect the color payout and texture of your lipstick. Especially, paying close attention to staying power of the lipstick also affects the style.

Hence, this was your mini-guide to determine and buy the perfect lipstick color for you. Now you can choose your most flattering shade and apply it with all your fashionable outfits.