What is Airbrush Makeup and, How to Use this Look?

What is Airbrush Makeup and, How to Use this Look?
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Cosmetics July 8, 2022

What many makeup artists don't speak of is this one technique that can give the most flawless finish; airbrush makeup. With a few sways, airbrush makeup can cover up even the most stubborn imperfections. However, to master the product, you'll need to know what exactly airbrush makeup is.

Airbrush makeup is water-based liquid makeup and comes with an airbrush wand, which is an air compressed applicator. In simpler words, you'll be using a wand that sprays foundation onto your face to give you the best coverage with the least amount of effort.

Airbrush makeup may seem a little daunting at first but with practice, you'll be on your way to getting a red carpet ready finish. Here are a few steps you can follow to make this brilliant means of applying makeup a little less daunting:

Step 1: Add your shade to the applicator

The very first step is adding a few drops of your airbrush foundation to the applicator. For this, you must have the right shade of your foundation. If you combine multiple shades to get your true shade, you can add drops of the foundations you use in their respective amounts. Now, what you want to do is add around 4 drops of the foundation to the container specified for inserting the product. This will be a part of your applicator. The more drops you add, the better coverage you'll get.

Step 2: Apply your airbrush makeup

Applying isn't as hard as you may think. Hold your applicator in a range of 6-10 inches away from your face and begin applying. As you apply, move the airbrush in circular motions while holding it upright. If you don't go for a circular motion, chances are your foundation will pile up in some areas more than others and would look flakey. If you're looking for extra coverage, you should consider lessening the distance to 3-4 inches. Similarly, you can increase the distance if you're looking for a very subtle look.

Step 3: Add the last few touches

For the final touches, if you have an airbrush product such as a blush, you can use a similar manner to apply it. For non-airbrush products, consider applying them manually to complete your extravagant look.

One thing to remember!

If you have any creamy products, such as a cream concealer or a highlighter, apply them before your airbrush foundation. Applying them on top can smudge your airbrush foundation and ruin the look.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Get your wand in your hand and get the magic working!