Why Swimming is Perfect for Flawless Skin and Body

Why Swimming is Perfect for Flawless Skin and Body
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Fitness May 21, 2022

Swimming is commonly known to bring dozens of benefits to the physical body- it's an aerobic exercise, after all. Where many people turn to swimming to strengthen their muscles and keep in shape, a good number of people rely on swimming for healthy skin as well.

Let's debunk a myth; the chlorine in pools isn't all that harmful to your skin. However, if you turn to natural waters, you'll notice a much more noticeable change to your skin because of the lower levels of chlorine. Swimming is a versatile exercise and requires nothing more than willpower.
While some benefits of swimming are visible, some aren't all that noticeable. Let's put our goggles on and dive into the underwater to have a look at the many benefits swimming can bring to your body and skin.

1. It brings strength to your muscles

Instead of isolating muscles, swimming works on your whole body. This enhances the overall strength of your muscles. When your legs kick, your arms correspondingly pull. Similarly, as the back stretches and twists, your core tightens. These series of repeated motions train your whole body. While gym equipment targets specific muscles, swimming trains them all at once.

2. It can prevent acne

Excessive exposure to chlorine can be damaging to the skin, but if you have acne-prone skin, it can do some good for you! The chlorine concentrations in the pool lunge at the bacteria on your skin. Chlorine reduces the protective walls of the bacteria and kills them before they can cause an acne breakout. However, chlorine does dry out the skin too and so, and you'll need to ensure you are using a moisturizer to take care of that dryness.

3. It makes you flexible

In swimming, your muscles push you through the weight of water. The swimming strokes make your body stretch and rotate. When done frequently, swimming can increase the flexibility of your body. Even though additional stretching exercises are recommended, swimming alone can do the trick too.

4. Promotes skin healing

With a healthy workout routine in your life especially targeted towards better circulation and blood flow, your skin becomes healthy. Your skin can now regenerate and reveal fresh skin at a faster rate due to a perfectly healthy skin barrier. So, even if you get any occasional breakouts, you can be rest assured that your skin will heal much faster than before.

So, what are you waiting for? Get that swimming gear ready and dive into the blue water to get healthy skin and body!